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All Scales Free For The Trumpet:


This is an On-Line FREE download of sheet music. These high resolution Adobe Acrobat files of: Major, Minor, Harmonic and Melodic Minor Scales are Part 7 of 9 from The Ultimate Warm UP Book.

The scales are in ALL KEYS including enharmonics. Each page contains a two octave scale in Major, Minor, Harmonic Minor and Melodic Minor. In addition, there is a brief two octave Major scale exercise and a one octave review of all the scales.

The Explanation Page details the theory as to how a Major scale is made and then the derivations into Minor, Harmonic and Melodic Minor Scales. This is a large file (17 pages!) over 2 meg. It might take some time to download.

PDF of All Scales, Major, Minor, Harmonic and Melodic Minor

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